Our Story

We have a dream – that organizations of the future are led by modern leaders who can lead the change towards sustainable, inclusive and equal enterprises.

Our mission is to challenge the existing executive search industry by finding leaders who represent a sustainable, inclusive and modern leadership.

In this extremely rapid change we need a different kind of leadership and a differentiation in setup of boards and management teams to stay innovative and succeed at scale.

We aim to break up the existing structures and the traditional way of recruiting on executive level where the current networks are too narrow and homogenous, in order to get more balanced and diverse. We look beyond experiences and believe in recruiting to a larger extent based on the candidate’s potential and abilities. We think that the executive search process needs to be more efficient Рfaster and more transparent and collaborative.

Research shows that diverse companies are more profitable and sustainable. They have better customer and employee satisfaction, they are better at attracting and keeping talent, and have a higher innovative and decision making ability. All of which improves the bottom line.

We believe in equality and that diversity matters. We have access to modern diverse leaders and executives who are change makers and know how to lead transformation. Emotional intelligence – EQ – is an essential part of their success.