It’s about technology for some. Others see digital as a new way to engage with customers. While for others still it is an entirely new approach to business. – EQ Executive Search is a reliable, proactive advisor with extensive expertise in the digital area.

QNTM – Members of the board of directors

QNTM, fully owned by Altor fund V, has a vision to create a group of Europe’s best and brightest companies within digital strategy, marketing, software and tech – bring them all under one umbrella. QNTM is a growth partner investing long term in companies that become part of a unique ecosystem that offers access to unparalleled expertise from like-minded peers, and the chance to accelerate their digital growth. 

When engaging EQ Executive Search, QNTM was aiming to create two new verticals and a need of appointing one board member for each of the two verticals and at the same time striving to diversify the boards. QNTM wanted to get in contact with modern female leaders and board members with deep knowledge in technology, digitalization, driving growth, and at the same time, provide a long term solution to grow and diversify QNTMs contacts and network with relevant board members. 

ARC Arise Consulting – COO 

ARC Arise Consulting (ARC), co owned by Altor, offers cutting edge services covering all aspects of the digital growth journey from management consultants and brand creatives to digital experts. Through their fourteen independent companies – Unmain, BLCK, Above, Curious Mind, Goods, Heydays, Curamando, Animal, Keybroker, Kurppa Hosk, Mission Anew,, Conversionista and Cupole – these companies help people, businesses and brands arise through digital transformation. ARC is on an aggressive growth journey and is committed to build a diverse organization of highly skilled employees. ARC wanted to increase the number of female leaders and was in need to strengthen their operations on a senior management level for two of their companies, and therefore engaged EQ Executive Search. Both businesses needed to build an organization and set processes and structure for people, culture and for continued growth.

“EQ Executive Search impressed us with their desire and willingness to really understand exactly what we were looking for. Their communication was always prompt and informative throughout the entire engagement. They are committed, professional and provided us with excellent candidates. They have a well defined process and possess an impressive network of modern leaders” Says Måns Jacobsson Hosk, Co-founder at Kurppa Hosk and Partner ARC.